Welcome to the Birthplace of the Soviet Union!

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Welcome to the Lenin Museum, the Birthplace of the Soviet Union!

The Finnish Lenin Museum has a unique story. This is where Lenin and Stalin met for the first time, in a secret meeting of the Bolsheviks in December 1905.

In the very same rooms now locates the Lenin Museum.

Welcome to the Lenin Museum!

Hämeenpuisto 28, Tampere, Finland

+358 10 420 9222

Opening hours

1 Sep – 31 May Tue-Sun 11 – 17

1 June – 31 Aug daily 11 – 18

Tickets starting at 6 euros!

Adults 8 euros
Students and seniors 6 euros
Children under 18 – free

Museum donates 50 cent of every ticket sold to UNICEF to help Ukrainian children and families.

Keskellä valkoinen rauhankyyhky, taustalla sininen yläosa ja keltainen alaosa Ukrainan lipun väreissä.

How to find us

When entering the Lenin Museum, you will first enter the Park Tower from the main entrance in Hämeenpuisto.

From the lobby, you can reach the stairs to the right from which you rise to the 2nd floor.

Welcome to the Lenin Museum!