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The collections of the Lenin Museum contain material related to Finnish-Soviet relations, Soviet tourism and the influence of Lenin in Finland.

Collections of the Lenin Museum

The collections of the Lenin Museum are part of the collections of the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas. Under the division of preservation among Finnish museums, the Lenin Museum is responsible for Finnish-Soviet relations, Soviet tourism and V. I.  Lenin’s influence in Finland.

Further information about Werstas collections:

The oldest part of the Lenin Museum collection consists of material from Moscow that was displayed when the Lenin Museum opened. This material contains more than 200 pictures of Lenin and Stalin.

Initially, the museum did not have a systematic collection programme. Soviet groups often donated memorabilia in conjunction with their visits and some of these were included in the collections.

Later, the Lenin Museum mapped its collections in conjunction with various exhibition projects and through its former owner, the Finland-Russia Society, known as the Finland-Soviet Union Society at the time.

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To offer donations or make enquiries related to the Lenin Museum collection, please contact:

Researcher Katarina Lopatkina

+358 50 327 7735