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The Lenin Museum was completely revamped in 2016. The new exhibition shows the fascinating story of Finnish-Soviet relations, political upheavals and everyday life.

The museum is located in Tampere Workers’ Hall, in the same room where Stalin and Lenin met for the first time at a secret Bolshevik meeting in 1905. The exhibition shows the poignant and remarkable history of Finnish eastern relations and the rise and fall of the Soviet Union.

The exhibition leads visitors through the turbulent revolutionary unrest of the 20th century to Stalin’s prison camps, the tumult of the Second World War and the days of the Cold War. The story continues through the collapse of the Soviet Union up to Putin’s Russia.

The Lenin Museum exhibition shows items such as the table at which Lenin sat writing his book, The State and Revolution, in 1917. A scale model of a prison camp, made for the exhibition, shows the horrors of the Stalin era in the Soviet Union. You can tour the daily life of Soviet citizens in the Tallinn-style sitting room of the exhibition.

To make your visit truly memorable, you might end it by mounting a Soviet-style Dnepr motorcycle and getting a shot of yourself, with ‘Lenin’ seated in the sidecar.

In early 2022, the museum hosts a temporary exhibition, called ‘The Falling Red Star’, featuring news images as well as caricatures and interviews from the Soviet satirical magazine Krokodil.

Photos from the exhibition